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Let’s face it – Internet Marketing, Amazon and eBay Coaching programs typically have a spotty reputation. The early companies who started the online business coaching models of the 90’s often delivered a good service, but then too many fast-buck operators were attracted to the business and the overall reputation of the entire industry rightfully took a hit.

When I decided to begin offering coaching back in 2002 I considered working with some of the established companies in the industry, but then as I did my research I quickly decided the best way forward was to ensure that I controlled every aspect of the student experience. I’m proud of the fact that we’ve now accumulated over 1,000 testimonials about our programs!

As a result of my early research about building a coaching program, I determined to build my own program, train my own coaches and control the structure exclusively. I was determined to provide the highest level of quality education & coaching possible for everyone from newbies to advanced online entrepreneurs and business.

How we are different…

At Jim Cockrum Coaching, all of our coaches have their own successful businesses as their primary income. I don’t hire “script readers” to do coaching. We have top rated Amazon and eBay sellers, certified professionals and wildly successful entrepreneurs as our coaching partners. They are not are employees, but instead are partners who run their own business and have built what you are trying to build. Most of our coaches were once coaching students who succeeded and were recruited to coach with us!

I am personally and constantly training my own expert business coaches so they can in turn best educate and push our clients. If you are serious about succeeding on Amazon, eBay, Local marketing with our techniques or any of the other proven Internet business systems we teach, and if you are ready for the boost of a proven, one-on-one training system then we want to work with you until you succeed!

Besides coaching we give you any and all of our extensive collection of world class courses, future access to any new courses or content my team or I produce, discounts and early ticket access to our always sold out live events as well as detailed instruction regarding the tools we use in our businesses. This includes all tools and training for Amazon, eBay, E-Commerce, Website, Blog, Social Media, List Building and email marketing tools along with in-depth training for each.

We will customize a program for you that includes access to all the techniques and one-on-one personal coaching to help super charge your Amazon, eBay & Internet Marketing business with the goal being seeing you expand into a true multi-channel, diversified online business that is steadily yielding the results you’ve been seeking.

Our training comes with a rock solid results based guarantee and commitment from me personally. My team and I will work with you diligently until you are successful.

Can Personal Coaching really help you?

Whether you are an experienced entrepreneurial business pro, or you are just starting out, our knowledge,direction and tools can help you see the results that top Amazon & online business builders in our community are already seeing.

Some questions to consider…

• Would you like to sell more on Amazon, eBay or your own websites?

• Would you like to increase sales while lowering your fees and operating costs?

• Have you found the right products to sell – or is the competition killing you?

• Are you getting the results you want from an existing Amazon, eBay business or web site?

• Would you like to free up your time and build a business that can be run by a team that we show you how to build?

• Would you like to expand beyond eBay and Amazon and open your business to the power of the Internet, but you’re not certain how to proceed?

• Would you like to learn how to get paid well to teach other businesses and individuals how to use the internet as a creative source of leads, sales and income?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, give us a call! Let’s talk about it!

How does coaching work?

Your personal coach will base your customized coaching experience on your background, experience, budget, and goals. Together, you and your coach will explore your options and then apply the latest and most effective strategies from our collection of proven business models.

Whatever your individual needs may be, your coach will assist in helping you to build the type of business you’ve always dreamed of. We do not offer a cookie-cutter “one size fits all” program. Every client is different and we build a relationship with each coaching client. We can do this because we only accept a few new clients each week and refuse to overwhelm our busy coaches with more clients than they can easily manage. Remember – all of our coaches run their own online businesses!

How much does it cost?

It depends. Everyone is different. Everyone has different levels of skill and experience. One person may need a longer period of intensive one-on-one coaching, while another may just need a little bit of help –and others something in-between.

After an initial free consultation, we will tailor a program to your individual needs. That is the beauty of our program. You are not getting some formula program designed for everyone –we work with your skill set, your experience and your schedule. Whether you can work full-time or part time is up to you.

Don’t worry –this won’t be a “high-pressure” conversation. We only want to work with people who are a good fit for our program, and we aren’t in a hurry. We let our successful track record speak for itself.

On the calls you have with our team, you will be treated with dignity and respect, and we will not offer you a program if we don’t think you can succeed. I would far prefer to have a small number of wildly successful participants than numerous moderately satisfied coaching clients. Our reputation reflects this commitment.

You can get started by simply calling one of my expert International Internet Marketing Consultants at our toll free hotline 1-800-994-1792 or simply fill out the form below and we will call you and give you a free and confidential, no obligation consultation. You can expect a “no -hype” conversation with a real online business expert. They will answer your questions and show you your best options. We look forward to building a training program that will be custom tailored to fit you needs, your budget and your skill level.

Jim Cockrum is regarded the most trusted Online Selling marketing expert in the world.

Since the late 90’s he’s been on a mission to help entrepreneurs THRIVE by using the Internet creatively. Why Listen to what Jim has to say about creative Internet business strategies? Because he now has over 1,000 success story testimonials from successful entrepreneurs who have grown thriving businesses – and his audience of readers and followers is exploding!

ssm9-3d-001-200hJim is ranked among the most trusted Internet Marketers in the world (among hundreds of ‘experts’ his name keeps showing up on top) according to the 40,000 voting members of one independent watch dog service he was voted the number one “most trusted” internet marketer online. His best selling book “Silent Sales Machine” has been read by an estimated 500,000 people around the world and is a consistent top 10 seller on Amazon in the Internet business category. You can get two free chapter here to see if it’s for you…

His business mission in life is to see those who have an entrepreneurial heart thrive by using creative Internet based marketing and connection strategies. Because he believes online is where the most compelling business opportunities in the business world reside, so he focuses his study and business models on what he calls, “the most effective communication and relationship building tool ever given to mankind – the Internet.”

He doesn’t simply teach multiple income streams strategies – he lives it! Jim has businesses actively selling on Amazon & eBay (since 1997), a publishing company, a consulting company, two membership sites with tens of thousands of paid members at and and several other related income streams. Along with his two closest partners (Nathan Bailey & Brett Bartlett) Jim helps run a combined $25 million annual sales empire.

This is the 2015 Louisville, KY event that sold out in less than 24 hours.

This is the 2015 Louisville, KY event that sold out in less than 24 hours.

A large network of his former students turned partners & coaches are a part of the team of more than 70 people who, while all running successful businesses online themselves, also help coach others do the same (See His 26,000 member free Facebook community actively and freely assist any online seller, author or entrepreneur with online business questions.

Jim’s coaching clients have sold hundreds of millions of dollars of products and services online since the coaching company was founded. His training helps everyone from stay home entrepreneurs seeking to start their first successful online businesses, to large corporate clients seeking to use the Internet as a creative marketing tool (see for examples).

Jim Cockrum on stage at an Internet Marketing event in San Diego

Jim Cockrum on stage at an Internet Marketing event in San Diego

On stage at an Internet Marketing event.
I love speaking to creative entrepreneurs.

His free newsletter “CES News” has added well over 250,000 subscribers since it first launched in 2002.

Jim has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Men’s Health magazine, eBay radio, and in countless news and radio programs as an Internet and online business expert.

Although written in September 2011, Jim’s first “book store” traditionally published book Free Marketing: 101 Low and No-Cost Ways to Grow Your Business, Online and Off ( is as relevant today as it was when it was written. Jim believes the rules of success online, in life, in business and even in relationships never change and cost nothing to implement, so he tried to write a timeless book about Internet strategy based on those timeless truths. Perhaps the most compelling success story that resulted from this “101” book can be found at There you’ll find the story of Mike Brown who had a struggling small business that credits Jim’s book in no small part for helping him rise to a nomination for Entrepreneur of the year in New York, and also for having his own Super Bowl commercial – paid for in full by someone else! It’s a great story. Visit for the simple story.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 10.35.14 AM

All of our live events have sold out in a single day once tickets went on sale publicly! Here are some images from the events. Visit for details on what’s coming next!

Personal Bio:

I can stop talking in third person about myself now right? I have to do the professional bio above that way because it shows up in articles about me etc. I hope you understand.

As parents of five my wife Andrea and I stay very busy with family activities. When I have free time I love to run or play basketball to stay in shape (I’m training to run the Boston Marathon someday as a goal). Andrea and I try to get a date night in at least every couple weeks though – I love those best of all!

Speaking to a gathering of online entrepreneurs in Vegas as the Keynote for an eBay Radio Conference

My personal walk with Christ is foremost in all my day to day affairs. It is a life journey that directs my every decision. I believe that the greatest business book and life instruction manual ever written is the Bible. Even if you aren’t a Christian yourself, the lessons are timeless and the foundation of countless success stories!

About as dressed up as I get

About as dressed up as I get.

Three of our kiddos are from international adoptions. We are also active in assisting other families through the decision making process of international adoption. We’ve become close friends with many families that have chosen to expand their own families through adoption. Here’s a short documentary video that was made by a teenage friend of ours about Tye when he was 10. He’s our special needs son from China:

We are also homeschooling parents who hold a high regard for non-traditional approaches to education. I believe (and believe I can prove) that if you teach a child about proper relationships (with God and others) and about money/business, then you’ve given them all the tools they’ll ever need to succeed wildly in life!

We aren’t afraid to travel as a family and do so more often than anyone else we know with this many kids! You might find us in some crazy location raising our kids some day. When you combine the flexibility of homeschooling and having an Internet based business you can do just about whatever you want whenever you want. We enjoy the flexibility of the Internet Lifestyle.

Our Family Mission:

As a family we have committed our lives to helping others find their true calling and passion that we believe is placed in each person by God. We want to model “other oriented” thinking in every area of our lives.

My Business Mission:

I am committed to staying sharp, up to date, and creative in my pursuit of business and marketing excellence. I try to model transparency, integrity, creativity, genuine relationships, and leadership to the best of my ability. I direct my business and personal clients towards the most effective online and traditional business and marketing strategies in order to help them achieve the greatest success possible.


Jim Cockrum with his family 2012 Winter photo

Winter 2012 Cockrum family photo

Presenting to the Martinsville, IN Chamber of Commerce



Cockrum family photo Summer 2015

Aug 2015 family vacation