click meWe have more Success Stories and Testimonials coming from our coaching program than we can keep up with documenting them all. Here are just a handful of real, unscripted, coaching client testimonials for you to listen to and read about.
Here is an amazing audio testimonial from our coaching client Richard Fryman (Click the play button below)

Check out this great success story ——> Last spring I signed up for the jimcockrumcoaching.com coaching program and N.B. [Nathan Bailey] worked with me. He was able to help me realize a profit in my online marketing business. Last year I made gross $35,000 selling ***.

I just listened to the interview with Brett [Barlett] recorded in Jan 2013 and I was impressed it has inspired me to take my business to the next level.

Earlier last year I bought about 500 ***** for $250 and I have sold a number of them having cleared probably more than $2,500 and still have about 25% that still need to be processed with 25% of them still available on Amazon. I have one book that is worth $1,000 though it has yet to sell. The Mentoring program has proven to be the best investment that I have made to date.

I have found success with eBay and Amazon and Jim Cockrum Coaching….

–J Rask

 A typical conversation in our Facebook group when a new student joins the Jim Cockrum Coaching program:


About Coaching with Jim’s team:

The Jim Cockrum Coaching program is the best investment I have made in my business. I was fortunate to enroll in the program early in my business setup. My coaches have been outstanding. The mentorship that they have provided has been invaluable. In addition to weekly phone calls to answer questions, offer support, and provide accountability, my coaches have been available through texts and emails at any time to answer questions and provide guidance. With their help, I am well on my way to establishing inventory scouting teams in multiple cities and also engaging in wholesale inventory purchase opportunities. This is all within the first 6 months of starting my business. Jim Cockrum Coaching has collapsed the timeline required for my business to become successful. Thanks very much for all of the great support!


–S. Brink

I just wanted to drop a note to say “Thank You”. We started with the JimCockrumCoaching.com training program about a week ago. Let me tell you, if ever there was a skeptic….its me. I am very cautious of how I spend my monies, effort and time. So I checked everything and place I could to find the lies behind the promises. No way I was getting sucked in. The team graciously answered all of my precommitment questions and worries – it was no small feat. They worked with every road block in a professional manner. Never did I feel ashamed, demeaned or stupid. Thank you for treating me with respect.

This is NOT a cookie cutter training program. The Training team will work with you at your level, within your interests and goals for your business. I am ssooooo excited about the program. I am just beginning to “see” the possibilities for us and our business. I am so excited, words can not even wrap around how energized and please we feel. I feel like we have aligned ourselves with group that truly will hold to their promises and if we do our part……there is no limit! I look forward to the future that is now opening for us. It is a bit overwhelming too like a kid in a candy store….

Thanks so much for opening up yourselves to allow people like us to grow in a way that we did not have the opportunity to do so EVER before.

–Joe and Holly

I took your coaching class (jimcockrumcoaching.com) last year – its the best money I ever spent.

–W. Villagran (as posted on Facebook)

Last year we were only doing a few hundred per day. Mike started Amazon in late October, he was full time on Ebay for 10 years. I quit my job in August to join the business full time. Now we’ve grown to a point where we may need to hire another person full time. I LOVE the potential of this business!

JimCockrumCoaching.com Student

–B. Ross, Ohio


1st off Thank you so much for your amazing information that you share. You are my go to person when it comes to the web. I told my brothers “if it comes from Jim Cockrum or his crew… you can trust it!!!

I completed your coaching which was amazing…

I’m already seeing profits in my FBA business of around $400 month. And it’s been only 3 months. I am now using profits to source more products and no longer need to pull from my paycheck. I have done so many “get rich crap” programs and to finally get something that works like it says it will is just amazing.

Thank you again and God Bless.

Always Grateful!

–Tony M., Washington DC

I had 8 orders within the first 24 hours of our items posting through FBA, and 2 more orders are pending. On the first 8 items sold for around $150 after fees, and our profit on that was just over $100.

I am fully sold on FBA and I can’t wait to get more toys and books shipped to them. I am also going to send all of our remaining inventory to hopefully move it by the end of the year.

Thank you for your help!


{note}: Caleb sent this email to us after his first few days of going through the JimCockrumCoaching.com program as he started selling successfully on Amazon.

Thanks Jim…since joining MySilentTeam.com it has been/Is a fun time in my life and a blessed time, I’m well aware of that.

I love talking on the forums, so I’ll be hanging around as long as they’re asking…

I acutally got an email from James Jones who said he’d do an interview with me if I’d like ( I know him from the Coaching group with you, a guest speaker, and from the Slackers group I was in…TWO DISTINCT mentoring groups, let me tell you)))) James said he saw your newsletter with my ebook in it and said he’d do a promotion for me in his way also. How Fun! Also John Thornhill mentioned he would. Loving this…

But you gave me my first break, took a chance on my ebook, and none of these opportunities would be here without that… I GET that…and am grateful for your help and continued support…And as I develop some other items to go with the ebook relating to Half.com, I’m hoping to give back to you with more chatting on your forums and money in your pocket)))

Happy Monday!


A coaching client in Australia:

Things are going fantastic down under!

All my XXXXX are selling well!

I would like to give you a special thanks for giving me sooo much help. Particularly with the confidence you gave me to keep going. Prior to starting with you I was nearly going to throw it in. I had had so many set backs with eBay even though I already loved it then, but I thought I would never find the right items to sell.

Plus I did not think that my listings were good enough, but you said they were good!!!

So Now I know that I can make a living out of eBay, if I keep increasing my sales the way I am then I will be huge by the end of next year.

I am going to loose my Powerseller statues for now because of last month and the month before. But I know that I will have it back shortly.

But the best part of that is, when I do get it back I will have built a strong foundation to my eBay business.

And then it won’t crumble like it did.

I am more focused on this being a business for me to build up, rather then I sell a few things on eBay!!!

Today I went and got another large load of XXXX I had to borrow money out of our savings account for these but I am happy to say I have already paid $200 back.

I have also been reading a fair bit from the Bonus Pool from MySilentTeam.com. Got some interesting info out of that re ‘selling on eBay’. Just a couple of different things on what to say in the listings.

So everything is Fantastic, Donna is selling a bit as well. She had a bit of a set back, she had a bad fall spraining her ankle and damaging her knee.

Now I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Great New Year.

And I am looking forward to talking to you in the New Year.

Cheers Margot

Thank you Jim,

If there is a service that I’ve ever bought and didn’t regret, it’s

yours. I like everything from your eBook, the membership site, the

one-on-one coaching, and your dedication to your members. No wonder

you are rated #1 most trusted in the IM Reportcard site. Keep it up.


I LOVE the access we get to all the new courses, it’s a great way to grow and diversify.

I went from 87k in sales last year to 272k this year. It was a lot of hard work, but my coach showed me the way.

All the best,
R. Ellis


First of all, I myself was VERY skeptical about joining your coaching program. I had been burned to the tune of thousands of dollars by other people claiming to be able to show me a way to make money online. Each one promised great things. One of the programs I invested not only a lot of money but hundreds of hours of work all to achieve a total of $350 in sales. I had signed up for your newsletter years earlier but had been reluctant to take the leap because of my past experience.

Finally, (I believe it was God guiding me) I purchased your coaching program last March. Jim, I have been SOOOOOO impressed by everyone associated with your program, and I believe it all starts at the top- YOU!  You have done exactly what you said you would- I’ve been doing Amazon FBA part time (I really really need to transition and get bigger) and even though it is only very part time, last year, only doing it for 8 months and putting in limited time, I had $36,445 in sales (I would have had more had I not been out of commission the last 2 months of the year)

Your program is THE BEST, but even more so, it’s your integrity and that of your staff that makes your program unparalleled in the industry. Thank you Jim for your willingness to share your success secrets with us and to help us in time of need!!

May God continue to richly bless you and your family!!

M. Hallmann

First, I’d like to thank you sincerely for the ProvenAmazonCourse.com course and your Jim Cockrum Coaching program. My coaches have been phenomenal. This program is enabling me to collapse timelines and get my Amazon income stream up and running quickly.

All the best,
S. Brink

Dear Jim,

I had been looking for an online business model and opportunity for a while when I came across your program. I had tried some, and was not happy with them. I had even been scammed and had lost some money. Selling on Amazon sounded interesting and exciting and I was so lucky to find you and your program. As you definitely know, there are so many offers and programs out there in this regard, some of which incredibly expensive. To make a long story short, I registered for ProvenAmazonCourse.com which contains a huge
amount of information which made me feel very happy and overwhelmed at the same time. And then I got to know about the coaching program. I registered and am more than happy I did. My coach is such a wonderful gentleman. With his help and guidance I have understood the system and how it works and feel comfortable to do the business.

Many thanks again for the wonderful program,
Best regards,

Dear Jim

First of all I want to thank you so much I am constantly amazed how you are always so helpful and always looking for opportunities to help others to be around you and your team is so special I’ve learned so much from all of you your way of doing business is amazing you are a life changer you deserve a prosperous life!!!

J. Goldstein

I have enjoyed so much value being a coaching student under [my coach] and the various communities. I’m working progressively towards my goals, not there yet, but making progress and the confidence I have is that there is a community I can rely on anytime.


Hi there,

The training you are providing me is far more valuable, in practical ways, than its dollar cost.

Also, I like to thank my coach, she is knowledgeable, proficient in her teaching, and patient. Our phone conversations feel as if I were chatting with a relative, and my own knowledge and confidence are increasing by leaps and bounds.

J. Gonzalez

I have full faith in the coaching you and your team provide. My coach taught me the ****** strategy about 5 years ago. It was a life line for me after losing the job, business, house and everything. Has been my main source of income up till now. It worked real well. Made more money than I was making as a senior computer engineer! In fact, I built a team to help me grow the business which provides me with excellent leverage and they make money too … A win/win situation.


I am a former Jim Cockrum coaching student, and though I can’t speak for all students or their success, I can tell you about mine.

I decided to invest in coaching four years ago. I had been selling on Amazon for about 6 months or so part-time and I was interested in trying to take my business to the level where I could make it my full-time income.

The training that I received during coaching was a game-changing experience for me. I was paired with a coach who was an expert on FBA and with her help and encouragement I was able to set my business on a track that would allow me to quit my 9-5 job and pursue Amazon full-time about 14 months after I had started the coaching program.

Could you learn everything that you will learn in coaching somewhere else? Sure. Is it worth the investment to expedite the process? It was for me.

I think that joining the coaching program was the turning point for me because it forced me to take my business seriously.

Oh, and I found out that one of the greatest parts of coaching is that you receive all of Jim’s new products for free, which over the past few years has saved me a ton of money on great courses, AND allowed me to profit from those courses that I may not have had the money to invest in at the time.

The more time that goes by, the better that initial decision gets.

Hope this helps.

Disclaimer: I don’t get any sort of benefit for telling people the coaching is awesome. I do it because I feel like I owe Jim a debt of gratitude for helping me realize my goal to be able to work from home and spend more time with my family.

J. King

My coaching time with ****** was excellent and I so appreciate having early access to the the training materials your produce as well as discounts to events. You have built an incredible team and I am fortunate to get to know them and have access when needed.

Thank you!
A. Webb

Fifteen years ago I believed there was nothing else I would be able to do as I closed the doors on my storefront business for the last time. For thirteen years, I owned a successful and popular business – “the place to shop” in Anderson, SC. My 25 year battle with Fibromyalgia and Celiac disease had won. I could no longer run an 8,000 square foot business… I could hardly walk to my car.

I decided I would try to sell wreaths on eBay. It wasn’t easy, but I read and studied for 3 months. Finally the day came when I was ready to sell my wreaths.

Within 6 short months, my wreaths were selling on eBay for $300, $400, $500 and more as prices were bid up higher and higher. I was selling to celebrities; I was shipping all over the world! I was so happy as I thought about how I had found my niche. This was what I was meant to be doing. Little did I know there would be more; there would be much, much more for this fifty-something year old woman from South Carolina.

One night my sister called, her son Brent had found a book on the Internet he thought I should purchase: “The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay” by Jim Cockrum. I printed out the entire book and sat on my back porch till the wee hours of the morning reading about things I had never heart of – but things I just knew I had to do!

I can’t explain what “Silent Sales Machine” did to me. It definitely lit a fire in my entrepreneurial spirit I never knew existed before. One simple suggestion struck a chord which I took advantage of immediately. To my surprise, my email list began to grow faster than ever. I dropped Jim an email letting him know what a difference only one suggestion made to my business. Before I knew it, I received an email from Jim wanting to know if
he could call me.

That was the first of many calls from this honest, caring and moral internet entrepreneur. His calls encouraged and instructed me in my “next steps” to growing the business of my dreams.

I was one of Jim Cockrum’s very first coaching students. This was definitely not a mistake! I can honestly say that my life as well as my business was never the same again. Jim was interested in me and wanted to see me grow. This man opened my eyes to what God had been leading me to do my entire life.

I have never regretted a single penny spent to receive coaching from THE Jim Cockrum. I now personally know many in his coaching team and admire and respect each one… they wouldn’t be working with Jim unless they were gifted, trustworthy, and good at what they do. So, if you are hesitating whether to use Jim Cockrum coaching to grow your business – don’t! It is a no-brainer.

How else could a now, 66 year old woman, have multiple income streams and run two major businesses. Each of our business grossed over 6 figures during the last year.

My husband has just retired and joined me in the business. We both expect to continue to see amazing growth in each business during our retirement years. You see, we still use Jim Cockrum coaching and have no plans of ever stopping.

I hope this helps you make your decision to receive coaching from the very best!

Sincerely, Nancy Alexander